What We Do

  • Multi-Unit Manager Series
  • New Leader Series
  • Teach By Objective (T.B.O.)
  • T.B.O. Certification

Multi-Unit Manager Series:

8 Pillars - 5 Days

  1. Prioritizing the "Right Things" - Prioritization Skills 
  2. Selecting the "Right Talent" - Behavioral Based Hiring
  3. Leading People - Inspirational Leadership
  4. Coaching for High Performance - Approach with Balanced Feedback
  5. Business Savvy - Understanding Financial Basics
  6. Marketing as a Philosophy - Actionable Marketing Plans
  7. Building a Strategy - Think before Acting - 90 Day Plans
  8. Achieving Long-term Goals - Identify What Must Change Back at Work​

New Leader Series:
4-Hour Workshops

  • Leadership Communication Skills - Introduction to Communication Styles
  • Conflict Management - Healthy vs Damaging Conflict
  • Team Development - Moving teams to "High Performance"
  • Performance Mangement Systems - Results and Accountability 
  • Coaching for High Performance - Difficult Conversations to Successful Conversations
  • Motivation & Engagement - Seeking the Keys to Individual Motivation
  • Business Acumen - Introduction to Finance & Business Decision-Making
  • Hiring - Selecting Talent

Results Based Training Using T.B.O.

LeadeRevolution's Teach By Objective (T.B.O.) method to achieve extraordinary training results.

By combining our T.B.O. Method, and our Certified Learning Specialists, we prepare individual learners to return to work with their new skills and capabilities - ready to make a difference!  

The result is the difference.  

T.B.O. Learning Specialist Certification

LR1 Certification & LR2 Certification:

LR 1 Facilitation/Presentation Certification:  Focus on the content and delivery using an outlined delivery process and multiple tools and techniques.  Most professional facilitators and instructors are able to quickly achieve LR 1 Certification.

LR 2 Learning Specialist Certification: Focus on the learner and the outcome and ensures the outcome of knowledge and skill transfer by modifying the delivery to meet the learners' needs.

Certification Requirements:

  • Developing a delivery plan
  • Ensuring knowledge and skill transfer for learners
  • Recognizing different learning preferences among participants
  • Modifying the delivery due to learning preferences and time constraints
  • Demonstrating the "Hierarchy of Purpose"
  • Explaining the "Hierarchy of Facilitating"
  • Creating a logical flow of content by responding to learners' needs

​The LR 2 Certification is approximately 4-6 weeks.  The Certification requires training and observation. 

The maximum number of participants is 6 per group.

Contact Eggli for additional details