Frequently Asked Questions

How do we get started?

Prior to finalizing the content of the workshops, a LeadeRevolution

representative, or L.S. (Learning Specialist) will work with you and your

leadership to establish expectations for the learner's skills in the

work place.  Then, we'll finalize the workplace support plan.

Remember, while the skills may have been demonstrated in a

workshop setting, if the skills are not reinforced or utilized

on the job within a short period of time, it is likely the learners

will either forget the skill or fall on old habits of not using the skills.

Why pay more for LeadeRevolution?

We've heard the description of "insanity" as:

"Doing the same thing over and over, and expecting a different result."

Most training is written and defined using a facilitator guide, then a facilitator delivers the predetermined content following a predetermined process.  LeadeRevolution works in the reverse, to stop the insanity!  

LeadeRevolution teams with the client to define the desired result, then a highly trained Learning Specialist (L.S.), continuously accesses and modifies the process to meet the need of the learner(s) as required to accomplish the result.

Because each participant must learn and demonstrate each required skill and ability, most workshops have 4 to 5 Learning Specialists to engage with participants individually.

To improve my company's training impact, can my company develop our own Learning Specialists?

Yes - L.S. Certificatiion is available from LeadeRevolution.  

The certification takes place in two steps; LR-1 Certification and LR-2 Certification.

We offer a combination of internal and external Learning Specialists for our Manager Workshops!

How long does it take to become a Learning Specialist?

Combined, the process takes approximately 4 - 6 weeks.

How much does it cost to become a Learning Specialist?

An experienced facilitator may be able to demonstrate the necessary skills for the LR-1 Certification Workshop.  Thus, the certifications are priced independently.  However, different priced packages are available depending on the number of participants; the content purchased from LeadeRevolution, and whether both, or only one, workshop is required for meeting L.S. Certification requirements.  The first certification (LR 1) generally takes 3 days during the first week.  The cost for the 3-day LR 1 Certification is $3,500 per person (maximum 6 per group).

The second certification (LR 2), required to complete Learning Specialist Certification, takes 4 days during the second week.  The cost for the 4-day LR-2 Certification is $4,200 per person (maximum 6) plus on-the-job observation and feedback.

​Do I have to be a L.S. to use LeadeRevolution training material?

Yes, If you have a chance to review a L.S. Guide (L.S.G.), you'll notice the format is unlike a common Facilitator Guides.

How will I know there is a difference in our training with a L.S.?

L.S.s are continually monitoring for the necessary results during each step of the learning process.  The L.S. provides an optional "Report & Support" summary at the end of each workshop.  For those participants who are unable to demonstrate the necessary skills, abilities and knowledge; the L.S. reports the details of what is lacking and provides a recommendation for future support to be either provided by the leader, manager, or the L.S.

If I'm not using LeadeRevolution content, will becoming a L.S. have any benefit to me?

Yes - The skills and abilities acquired for a L.S. enhance any facilitator's abilities.